Mudmob operates Australia wide, running educational workshops in all forms of natural building.
We can host a workshop at your house, local community garden or school.

We are also available for contract work. If you dont fancy hosting a workshop then you can feel comfortable leaving it up to our professional team.

We specialise in cob * strawbale * cordwood * mudbrick * light earth * superadobe * earthen floors, earth renders and more.
We're available for jobs ranging from ovens and outdoor benches, garden sheds and garden walls, outhouses, cabins and studios and large scale family homes. Whether it be something sculptural you're after or just a simple earthen look, the possibilities with natural building are endless.

School Programs

4. Apr, 2016

Natural building in schools

Mudmob is currently focussed on facilitating natural building programs in schools. We see how wonderful it is when kids get to observe and interact with nature and would love to see more schools encouraging children to really work with our natural environment We can tailor programs to suit all ages. Please get in touch for further details.

Tiny Homes Movement

For the last few years Mudmob crew have been focussing their time on the tiny home movement. We have been running a series of workshops designed to allow people to gain a hands on experience building a tiny home and see for themselves just how easy it can be. We encourage people to have a small footprint on this planet and if building a tiny home allows you to live mortgage free and focus on more simplistic ways of living then we think you're doing alright.


"LOVED the whole experience and sense of community the workshop fosters."                                        

                                                                                                     - Incy

The workshop was wonderful in so many ways. Educational, inspiring, creative and super fun with a great group of easy going and enthusiastic people.  Thank you so much for being the best leader with clear instruction, constant good humour and encouragement along the way.  I loved it all from crumbling horse turds to muddy foot stomping and then the artsy mud moulding of the oven structure.  Putting ones hands in earth is such a soul enriching state.

                                                                                                      - Susan Loudon


Be prepared to get muddy!