We facilitate workshops as a means to teach students the art of natural building. These workshops are a great success and a good way for people to learn by getting hands on practical skills. 

These workshops are a great way to bring your community together and an amazing way to get your project moving along.

Workshops can be tailored to your needs although the focus is on high educational services rather than free labor. Workshops usually go along side a small amount of contracted labor to ensure your home is complete.

Professional Teams

We have a very talented collective offering a wide range of high quality skills, we are very happy to take on contracted jobs ranging from small projects all the way to large family homes. 

We are known for our quality craftsmanship and put pride into every job undertaken. We are proud to be business members of EBAA (Earth Builders Association 

Owner Builder Assistance

We encourage everyone to take ownership of the home they will live in and have worked closely with many owner builders in the past.

There is nothing quite like the sense of achievement you have after sculpting your very own home.

  • Strawbale

  • Wattle and daub

  • Earthen floors

  • Cob

  • Earthen plasters

  • Mudbrick

  • Superadobe

  • Cordwood

  • Light earth

  • Cob ovens

  • Recycle materials

  • Bottle walls