• Kate Ogden

    Kate’s love for natural building all started whilst attending a Mudgirl workshop in BC Canada 2009. From there she followed her journey to Oregon USA getting to meet and build with a large number of highly experienced leaders of the natural building movement.
    Kate pursued her passion for the craft back in Australia where she has worked on multiple strawbale houses, cob cabins, garden walls, ovens and outdoor benches, cordwood, wattle and daub and bottle feature walls. Whilst having the dream of creating “Mudmob” Kate furthered her studies with a Certificate 4 in Natural Building (Aoraki Tafe, NZ) and small business management. Kate also continued to support other Australian Natural Builders by attending workshops and conferences to constantly up skill. She is a keen enthusiast in all things mud and just can’t get enough of it.

  • Bec McGuire

    Hi My name is Bec and I am a new member of the MudMob collective I have been living on the wet west coast of BC Canada for the past 10 yrs and during the last 9 I have been natural building. I am a founding member of the Mudgirls (a womens based, consensus run collective) but I am back in Oz for a while so am delighted to be working with y'all. My favourite things about natural building are using recycled materials (what people may call garbage :)) and plastering and sculpting whatever your heart imagines out of mud. I also love natural building workshops and the community they create.

People we work closely with

  • Shane Hannan www.hannanbuild.com.au

    Hannan Build NSW

    Third generation builder from Dungog. He specializes in traditional timber framing and construction for strawbale and light earth homes.
    Through his extensive travels and training he developed a passion for architecture, design and natural building. Shane’s builds have their own creativity and flare making each one unique.

  • Tom Chen

    Graduate of Architecture at UNSW. Tom has been involved in more than 20 strawbale builds ranging from high end to low budget and has fine turned his skills in bale raising and rendering. Tom takes an intergrated approach to architecture and is currently designing and building along side Shane. He is passionate about environmental design.